els Brancs is the famous restaurant of the Hotel Vistabella offers you a renewed proposal adapted to all palates in which the quality of the product is our top priority.
Els Brancs reopens its doors after a year of forced stoppage due to the Covid-19 situation. It returns reinvented, leaving behind a beautiful period of signature haute cuisine to offer us from now on an essentially Mediterranean cuisine with the aim of offering a varied and surprising menu.
The restaurant is located on the main terrace of the hotel, it offers us the opportunity to enjoy a unique, singular and romantic space with wonderful views of the Mediterranean. A gastronomic proposal based on the maximum respect for the products of the sea and the land. A humble kitchen that avoids artifice so as not to mask its quality.
Els Brancs puts at your disposal our vast cellar, a beautiful space where more than 2000 bottles of the best national and international wines, cavas and champagnes sleep, which will delight the most gastronomes and that we will be delighted to show you.
A culinary experience that we hope will live up to your expectations and that we encourage you to culminate in the chill-out area of the hotel's Blue Bar with a signature cocktail from our famous menu, enjoying the views from the terrace and the sound of the sea.

els Brancs

(1963 - 1984)


Since the opening of the hotel in 1963 by the couple Heinz and Meta Maria Veitl, this already had its main restaurant, the Restaurant Vistabella, which offered traditional local dishes and others from the French cuisine. Two years after the opening a young man of only sixteen years old from Jaén, Juan Cardosa, came to work as a kitchen aid. He rapidly understood the dynamics in the kitchen and a couple of years later he became the chef.
The influences of the innovative cuisine of El Bulli restaurant, close to here and which in 1976 had already won its first Michelin star, were slowly arriving to caleta Bonifaci since lots of the dinner guests of the mythic restaurant stayed in the Vistabella. Thus the son of the owners, Peter Veitl, who had recently arrived from Germany with his wife Scarlette Veitl, considered that gastronomy should be a strong point of the service offered to the clients and in 1984 they inaugurated El Gourmet, the foundations of the current gastronomic project.



El Gourmet changed the direction of the gastronomic philosophy, the restaurant clearly bet on moving from continental food recipes to a strictly speaking French nouvelle cuisine. In 1987 Juan Cardosa, who three years ago went to the one Michelin-star restaurant La Llar, at the entrance of Roses, to learn new techniques and skills, reinstated to the project to be in control of the restaurant again.
One evening per week during the summer season the restaurant held outdoor barbecues that were such a hit and attracted lot of people from outside the hotel. In the terrace of the Vistabella there was a great variety of food: cold and hot buffets with lots of types of salads, shellfish, fish, meat and desserts specially prepared for the occasion. They constituted authentic celebrations with live music, folk dances and fireworks at the end of the night.



At the end of the 20th century the hotel is being completely upgraded to the five-star category. The remodelling is exhaustive and also affects the restaurant, where the owners wish to create an even more avant-garde cuisine. Indeed, the couple Veitl incorporate in 1999 the Belgian chef Cédric Vernaillen to work hand in hand with Juan Cardosa, and Manel Núñez, the new restaurant manager. Cédric adds to the well-known barbecues exotic touches from his international background; furthermore he creates the Candle Light, a degustation menu that is served every Saturday night under the light of candles and that little by little will become the origin of the degustation menus of Els Brancs.
Cédric and Manel quickly established their modern vision into the kitchen of the restaurant and the new business orientation got consolidated in 2001 with the birth of Els Brancs, the heir of El Gourmet. Gradually the Veitl family wants to enter a new period of high-quality restaurant activity by diminishing the prominence of the French cuisine and spending much longer searching a cuisine of identity based on the state-of-the art cooking techniques. Not much later, the sons of the owners, Marlon and René Veitl, join the project adding to it new ideas.
It can be said that in 2005 Els Brancs has made the cuisine of vanguard its own, which has built on three pillars: a product of quality, the constant search of flavours and the original food presentations. All this effort crystallises in 2007 with the nomination for the Michelin star, with Cédric Vernaillen at the front.



In 2009 Cédric decided to return to Belgium and this is when the young chef Javier Cabrera arrived from Granada and assumed the kitchen leadership. It only took four years to the group led by Marlon, René, Manel and Javier to shook Els Brancs up; the use of high-quality products, the impressive elaborations, the groundbreaking presentations and the attentive and professional service brought to the restaurant its first Michelin star in 2012, which has maintained until nowadays. This gave a great boost and in 2013 Els Brancs received the Sirena award, which highlights the promotion of the Alt Empordà region abroad, followed by the first Sol in 2014, awarded by the prestigious Repsol Guide.
A gastronomic project based on a creative cuisine that employs high-quality products can only be understood under the wing of a hotel as the Vistabella and the constancy of family of hoteliers that have supported the ideas that have been developed in the kitchen. Els Brancs is currently immersed in a period of great creativity, where Javier has searched for new flavours in greater depth, and it has been charted the way forward to continue offering the best experiences to the dinner guests.
The current gastronomic offer has been designed in order to satisfy all guest demands. We have a long degustation menu of about 22 dishes, the Experiences menu, and a more reduced degustation menu of about 15 dishes, the Brancs menu, as well as à la carte choice. There is also an extensive selection of wines of 300 references carefully chosen and that are advised by the sommelier Eric Borràs.


The beginning of 2017 is marked by the change of the team at the kitchen of the Els Brancs restaurant, with the incorporation of Chef Rafa Zafra and as kitchen leader the young Gonzalo Hernández. A new era starts, characterized by the consolidation of an updated Mediterranean cuisine of yesterday's dishes with today's techniques. A cuisine of extreme purity that focuses on the quality of the ingredients as a main basis and that dresses up with the unrivalled setting represented by the Hotel Vistabella.
A gastronomic approach that establishes its philosophy of work in the quality of the raw material, with the goal to make the Els Brancs become a kind of temple of the product that is expressed through the “à la carte” or the tasting menu of 18 dishes, where most of the ingredients come from the bay of Roses. Simple elaborations where all different cooking methods are applied, the most suitable for each dish. An honest and genuine cuisine that with this basis seeks the magic of the result, but without leaving aside the creative touches that are inherent to a chef at the level of Rafa Zafra.

At the end of 2019, the season ends with a great desire for overhaul and change. Throughout the winter, a big change is suggested with a gastronomic proposal that continues to prioritize the quality of the product and that allows embracing a greater number of diners.

(2020 - Present)

Little could we imagine while we were working with enthusiasm into the new proposal for “els Brancs” that we would be immersed in a global pandemic that has changed everything. Paralyzed by uncertainty, at the end of May it is foreseen that in a month’s time we could reopen to the public, but the new proposal is too ambitious to have it ready and with great sorrow we decide that els Brancs will not open its doors in 2020.
In its place and taking up the same space, Gastromar restaurant makes its way to meet the need to offer a good gastronomic proposal to our customers. With a simple and daring menu, giving all the prominence to the local products of the sea and the land, and even with all the difficulties that the restrictions and the unexpected sanitary situation means, the success is resounding and the satisfaction of the customers is our best reward.
At the beginning of 2021 and with the same uncertainty, we decide that this year els Brancs must open! The new project is underway. The new stage of els Brancs is about to start.


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We are looking forward to welcome you at els Brancs in 2021 with our new gastronomic proposal, a honest cuisine that avoids artifice so as not to disguise its quality and is based on the utmost respect for seafood and land products.

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Open for lunch from 1pm to 3pm (except Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays) and for dinner from 8pm - 10.30pm (everyday).

Restaurante els Brancs - Avda. Díaz Pacheco 26 - 17480 Roses (Girona)


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